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Kunshan strong adhesive tape

Sealing glue is composed of a circular tube and BOPP material. For fixed, sealing and binding, etc., can be based on customer requirements to do a variety of adhesive tape. Due to the use of a very wide range, so the application of a wide range of objects, generally applicable to a variety of enterprises, companies and individuals, manufacturing plant consumption is greater. Xiao Bian today and we chat with a box of plastic.
1 box adhesive has good tensile strength, toughness, high quality light adhesive force and can be printed and so on, but there is no moisture, no moisture, no insulation of the shortcomings.
2. Sealing glue box, the pros and cons of recognition method: viscous is good, adhesive tape surface is smooth without wrinkles, anti tension and toughness is good. In general, just the production of a sealed box or stationery can be seen with the bubble phenomenon, which is normal, but if the bubble phenomenon is particularly serious in the production process may be caused by tension.
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