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Classification of PE wire film in Suzhou

Wire film according to its use and materials can have a lot of kinds, small series today and we talk about Suzhou PE wire film classification.
1 hand with PE winding film: This is mainly used in manual packing, manual winding film in general for the quality of the requirements is low, the weight of each volume is generally in 5KG, 4KG or so, in order to facilitate the operation;
2. The machine winding film: machine winding film use mechanical package, mainly depends on the movement of goods drives the module volume package, relatively high requirements for the tensile strength of the film, for the rate of stretching of the film also must be required to, general tensile rate 300%, the product volume weight 15kg;
3. Pre Stretch Wrap Film: the winding film is mainly used with mechanical packing, packing packing machinery first tensile membrane stretched to a certain proportion after the wrapping film is wound on the goods need to be packaged with the, rely on the resilience of the film will be air tight packing, product quality requirements are high, has a very high tensile strength elongation and puncture resistance;
4 color film: blue, red, yellow, green, black, manufacturers used to pack the goods side of the distinction between products, to facilitate the identification of goods.
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